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Finding the propeller of a powerboat

We were asked to find a lost propeller of a powerboat. It was lost at Zeeburger eiland near Amsterdam, Holland. The propeller was lost in shallow water where the powerboat was testing and training. We were there first last august but there were so many water plants it was impossible to search with the metal detector.

We decided to come back when the water plants died, this was last week, januari 2020. We went searching with four persons, three wading and one diver. We searched for over 2 hours, but managed to find the propeller.

The powerboat pilot was full of emotions when we found his propeller back. Nobody could believe it was possible to find it back in such a big water.

We didn't gave up and searched systematically the whole area. Our efford was rewarded and the propeller came back! We had a party afterwards and finally drove home very happy for finding it!!

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