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Wedding rings,

Engagement rings,


Car keys,

House keys,


Pocket watches,


Necklace chains,

Bracelet chains,

Silver necklaces,


Family treasures



About us

What is a ring finder? Who are the ringfinders?

Janik Ratke


Welcome to our site !


We are a pan-European association of hobby "treasure hunters" who are committed to finding people who have lost an important piece of jewelry or other metal items. But we can also help with the search for family treasures.


With our powerful metal detectors, we can also search under water, so you do not have to give up, if even the ring or the chain remained in the water while bathing. Among us we also have divers who are especially on the way with metal detectors.


This site is not commercial and is only for the purpose of providing help to those seeking help, which is also free of charge.

Therefore, we are always looking for other interested people who are interested in our hobby and would like to offer help.


Often, the so-called probe walkers also have a bad reputation, by the robbery of digging, which is unfortunately operated by a few - but we want to distance ourselves at this point! Our goal is to provide quick help, because we know the situation when something important has disappeared at once. If you have any questions about the process, feel free to click through our pages.



Please contact us. We try to be reachable 24 hours. Do not be afraid of an inappropriate time. You are also welcome to leave a message on the answering machine.

Share your experience with others. The more people become aware of us, the more people know that help is easy!
You are welcome to send us a donation, if you want to support us with the running costs. Thanks in advance :)
If you need the help of an experienced treasure hunter:
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