Ringfinder.eu is a non-profit association of individuals


We provide our help for free!

The mediation is purely free, even if the search was successful. Our goal is to help and also to add value through our hobby. It is rewarding enough for us to be hugged with tears in our eyes when bringing a piece of jewelry back to the people with whom they have shared almost their entire lives. Many also have to think about their wedding, the application or other stages in their lives when the ring (or some other piece of jewelry) accompanied them.


However, if mediation is made in other European countries, we ask for the reimbursement of telephone costs, as we can not cover them privately due to the large number of inquiries, even if these are usually in the single-digit € range.


With a consultation or a mediation you neither enter into a contract nor bind yourself in any other way. We treat your request discreetly.


The only cost that can come your way is the expenses of the dedicated "metal seeker". However, we ask you to clarify this in advance in a conversation with the respective "treasure hunter". If there are absurd claims of the treasure hunter, we ask you to give us a feedback, so that we can respond and hire someone else for the search.


Expenses can be based on travel costs - fuel prices, equipment (especially for dives), batteries, etc.

Searches in waters or in difficult local conditions may increase these due to the higher expenses.


Under European law, each finder (depending on the EU country) is entitled to a finder's fee. This can vary up to about 10% of the value of the item!


The German Civil Code provides for a finder's wage under German law (§ 971 BGB Finder's wage):

This prescribes that the Finder up to a value of 500 € is entitled to a finder's wage measured by the matter of 5%,

in addition 3%.


We ask you to clarify this in advance with the "order finder" !!!


From experience it can be said that an open discussion in advance is the basis for a good cooperation. For the majority of private probe-goers - "treasure hunters" - search success is more important than personal enrichment. This would also be unscrupulous, because you would exploit an emergency situation. Therefore we ask you in case of problems to contact us directly via the emergency number, so that we can take care of it.


If we have provided you with a treasure hunter, we ask you to search conditions, the expenses and the finder's fee to clarify!

This is a matter between you and the sonographer.


We recommend never mentioning the location of the loss unless you are already there.

With the announcement of the loss location, the probability of finding the object to be searched for decreases.

Please feel free to contact us in advance to alert you to possible dangers.


You want to borrow a metal detector?

Many shops will offer you that. However, if you do not intend to permanently engage in search, it is not recommended. You will not have the success on your own that an experienced probe gadget has with the device. This uses the device very often that he already knows all the functions and he is the distinction of metals, but also the location of the objects easier for the treasure hunter. You would be overwhelmed by the many features of the metal detector.

Without previous, detailed instruction you will not be able to record success with the device.


It takes a lot of experience to distinguish metallic scrap such as crown caps, iron nails, and aluminum foil from valuable rings, chains, watches, etc.!

It is also possible to hide different values ​​of the metal objects, but you must also have experience, because you can very quickly hide the target object.


In general, a detailed briefing takes several hours, but this is no guarantee that you can later remember all the functions. Thus, we see the lending or buying a cheap metal detector as a bad buy.

Some of us also reach out to people who made this mistake and regret that they did not come across us earlier.


Ringfinder.eu can also help with the provision of metal detectors, if this is expressly desired.


If you have any questions, please contact us!


For more complicated searches, such as If you are looking for family treasures or international searches, you should first seek personal advice from us!


We treat your request in any case discreetly!